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Hey people! We're gigging again.Keep checking back to this page for more appearances in the near future. AXIS is performing for the firefighters and policemans fund on October 20th in Greenpoint Brooklyn..$20.00 donation is all thats asked of you. For your money you get to see three live bands, food ,drinks and raffles as well .It's the least we could do.Come out and show your support.LOCATION: G.W. POST 535 Leonard st. BROOKLYN N.Y. For the past couple of months we've been working on our first cd and we're really proud of it and hope you all will dig it as well. Read on for further info...


Axis has completed its first CD called "Out a'Boundz ". The main ingredients of the album are plenty of volume and spirited lyrics all written on the fly from live freestlye jams.

We would like to quickly thank everyone who helped us on it and thank everyone for their patience as well.It was defintely a tough task but we had a ton of fun doing it and are better for it as well.

We have also started writing new material as well and have added a few of the new songs to the live set and we feel we've expanded on our beginnings to take on a new even more powerful sound that we think you'll get into.

At the present time we're working on our Live set and we think we're hitting our stride. Upcoming gigs will prove that we are a force to be reckoned with and we're gonna change the way music is played from the inside out.

We think that music has again come to a stale period in which the sounds are now duplicating themselves.Too many bands at this time sound the same,the genre' has played itself out.

We don't say that our music will change anything at all,except the fact that we think people would like to see musicians that actually perform the music live not some lipsynching acts that have to follow a background track while playing "live". Our songs when played live are true representations of the studio material.We like to open up some of the passages live on certain nites and bands that play with a background track cant do that.They have to play the same way nite in and nite out.Their show never changes and thus a stale act is what you end up with.

If your into live music played with passion and energy than one of our shows is what you need,come see us you won't regret it!

While there are only three musicians, it sounds like more mainly due to the style of guitar play of Matt Otremba. His unique and inspired pick and strum style gives the feeling of two guitars which leads to the bands full sound live as well as on recordings.

Otremba is backed by an often exploding, yet rhythmic bottom amply supplied by Everton Russell, a reggae bassist who was coerced by the others to adapt to a new sound and mastered it as well, and Vinny Scaldaferri who has come up with his own way of combining John Bonham and Frank Beard to give the band its ebb and flow while also kicking in with a rock solid backbone to the cast.

The album consists of songs from a varying field of music as it touches on rockabilly and straight forward blues to contemporary hard rock and 70's freestyle jams.

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