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The Music

Hi again, this is our music page, check out our set list and our original material. We finally loaded a few songs for all to listen to. "Pet my dog","When You Wake" and "Partying in the 90's".You'll need a real Player to play them on your PC. Click on it and it'll do the rest.Don't forget to sign our guest book and let us know what you think! Also be on the lookout for our new CD called "Out a' boundz".It'll be available very soon,so don't forget to come back. Of course if your interested in buying the 10 song CD please eMail us a secure address and we'll get it out to you .The price is $9.99 each and is available by check or money order.We're not set up with any credit card operations so we dont want em! Right now the band is working on our live set and we've written a few new tunes that we're ready to take out and then later start work on our second cd.Thankx for visiting and stop back now and then to catch up with us and dont forget to get on our mailing list.Send your snail-mail addy to us so your sure to get all our mailings(dont worry, theres not that many!)
Originals (Copyright ©1998, 1999, 2000,2001)

Out a'Boundz CD

Partying in the 90'sclick to download. When You Wakeclick to download.
Burn That Mudda Down Train
Cajun Save Your Money
Don't You Know My Name Higher Mountain
Dellusional Pet My Dogclick to download.


Other Originals

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